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Hong Kong Station- Bird because rear-end accident was fined Mota La lucky enough to win the championship for the first time

Hong Kong train station departure time Beijing March 10 afternoon, the end of the 2018-19 season f1 Formula One World Championship in Central Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong track. In the final stages of the race, Virgin team Sam Byrd hit a leading Chinese team Luo Tele titanium, causing the latter to retreat due to a flat tire last, Bird first crossed the finish line. However, after the ruling, the officials in the investigation to Byrd increase the penalties for 5 seconds. Therefore, the team of Mota La Venturi won the championship, and this is his first finite element championship. The second to fifth place is: Digby Lacey, Frings, Abbott and Massa, punished Bird retreat sixth. Pole winner Fan Duoen failure due to retire the car. In the first four games of the season, there are four different pole winner and four different races. As the fifth game of the season, people are looking forward to the “rule” would continue. The ultimate punishment makes this “rule” to continue to fulfill. In qualifying, Fan Duoen became the fifth pole position of the season championship, this is the first pole position of the former F1 driver. Nissan rider Roland won second place, third place in Mota La lap race due to ignoring the three under the red flag penalty, Luo Tele lucky enough to get a third. However, the ambitious Audi team ranking results are not satisfactory. Digby Lacey and Abbot were ranked fifth and twelfth place, Mahindra ranked in the final, defending champion Weier Ge internal team qualifying U-turn came in eighteenth place. In the game, Fan Duoen poor start to the first corner before being overtaken Roland. Sam Byrd forced entry before entering the third corner and the fourth corner powerfully than Luo Tele. Soon, he exceeded Fan Duoen, rose to second place, close to the leading Roland. Sims poor starting position, when he sailed round the first corner, almost hit the wall, and Pooh almost went back. Two of them because of the delay and fell at the end of the team. In the first lap, Piquet hit the wall, out of the race, triggering a yellow flag. Soon, in the first turn of the first lap collision with Evans in the second lap Nasser second turn directly into the wall. Behind him two Mahindra Racing can not escape, after truck collided, resulting in the track is blocked. Willy was towed to the end of the team and their Sims are blocked. However, those who do not hit them slowly squeezed past. The whole bodyYellow flag stadium appeared in the race, the safety car was sent out. However, the safety car led the army can not by accident area, the game began to appear red flag after eight minutes. After 13 minutes, the track was cleaned up by the safety car leading the race again. Before the safety car into the station, in addition to Frings and Albert, everyone started to attack mode. After security drove out, Luo Tele exceeded Fan Duoen, rose to third place. The second lap after the safety car out, the first three cars end to end, over the Bird Roland, Roland suddenly decelerated and stopped at the left side of the runway. Other than the car, Roland dropped to tenth place. However, less than a lap ahead of Bird missed the braking point for the second curve under pressure Luo Tele, the Germans seized the opportunity to exceed the first place. Since then, Luo Tele Byrd continued to put pressure on both sides set a fastest lap, which consumes a lot of power. When the race halfway through, Simms left rear wheel hit a retaining wall, out of the race. Willy Dillman also because eating raw meat was fined five seconds. 19 minutes left in the countdown, Buemis left rear tire, Fan Duoen car broke down, Paffett ran into a wall, three retired almost simultaneously. Countdown lasted 16 minutes, the second safety car was sent out, because Gary parked on the runway, unable to move. Less than 12 minutes left in the countdown, the safety car exit, drivers one by one, starting attack mode. Venturi two cars have run out of attack mode, Roland, Lopez and Pooh did not attack mode. After the countdown less than 7 minutes, Roland hit the wall in the seventh corner, triggering a yellow flag, the third safety car immediately dispatched. In the final 10 minutes, three times intermittent contact between the leader and Luo Tele chase Byrd. In the last minute, when Byrd exceed Luo Tele, he exceeds his opponents car, causing the latters right rear tire, the British seized the opportunity to exceed the first place. Bird to take the lead after crossing the finish line, the official said the accident between the two will be investigated, but the award ceremony was held as scheduled. However, after waiting more than two hours, the officials gave Byrd fined five seconds, so Mo Tala became the fifth title of the season. Before the game, the Audi team ambitious regret not to be here to get the 1,000 points, while the Chinese team only got titanium companies Luo Tele fastest lap of one minute. The first 50 games in the history of FE ratioCompetition from September 13, 2014 to March 10, 2019, after four years and five months and 25 days time, electric Formula One World Championship was finally ushered in the first 50 games. In the meantime, Ferrari in more than 20 cities on five continents participated in the competition, 13 automobile manufacturers participated in the competition, 10 different riders boarded the highest podium outside the game. Faced with this impressive figure, even the pride of former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone had to withdraw his disdain. Finite Element will exit center stage circuit although it is the most popular game on the World Championship calendar, but with the Porsche officially join next season, this track will be due to technical problems and the end of its historic mission. As the 12 teams from 24 vehicles will compete in the same venue, the track facility according to the specifications of the FIA, this is currently only 1.860 kilometers of track must be lengthened, and before the game continues, compact area needs maintenance significantly expanded. However, it is located in one of the most prime locations in Hong Kong, there are still many around the building in the preparatory phase. If you want to expand the track, there must be practical difficulties. Hong Kong Station operations team to relevant sources, although very loving Hong Kong Futures Exchange, but next time will definitely not take place in the ring come back. Of course, the good news is that although Hong Kong next seasons calendar will be missed, but the pattern of “China two stations” will not be shaken, Shanghai Yangpu District, Riverside has been listed as a priority to. The new Michelin tires expected to be launched in addition to the “seventh season”, there is news that this week, the new Michelin tires expected to be launched in the “seventh season.” Starting from the 2014-15 season, the French manufacturer FE began supplying tires. According to the plan, the introduction of new tires just in time for the second generation change in the appearance of racing, Michelin also eager to stay in the third-generation car was introduced in 2021-22 season in FE.