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Why North Korea Continues to Provoke Its Ally China – Time

For the Second Week, Thousands Protest in Russia

It was either the second or fourth successful satellite launch by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), depending on whether one believes Western observers or Pyongyang’s own pronouncements, respectively. North Korean state media says the satellite will monitor weather patterns, forests, natural resources and collect agricultural data.

U.S. Eyes Building Nuclear Power Plants on Moon

However, convincing Xi to act will be an uphill battle, says Pinkston, as Beijing fears the collapse of the Kim regime could give Chinese people subversive ideas. Unlike the Super Bowl, we’re not likely to see victory celebrations anytime soon.

On Wednesday, South Korea responded by shuttering the joint Kaesong Industrial Complex (KIC), which has operated just across the border in North Korea since 2004. This is a significant step — although Pyongyang has suspended its participation several times, Seoul maintained operations even when North Korea sank the South Korean naval vessel Cheonan and killed civilians during the shelling of Yeonpyong Island in 2010. South Korean Unification Minister Hong Yong-pyo said in a statement that move was to counter the catastrophic disaster of leaving North Korea’s nuclear expansion unchecked.


Historically, there have been two reasons why that support has continued. Despite embracing free-market economics, China is still an essentially autocratic, one-party state — even more so under Xi — and extremely wary of having a unified, democratic, U.S.-allied Korea next door. Secondly, the collapse of the DPRK would send millions of refugees over the 880-mile border into China, bringing with them social and economic anguish. As a result, Beijing has often thwarted international attempts to ramp up economic sanctions, or clamp down on the shadowy businessmen propping up the regime by smuggling counterfeit goods, cash, and even narcotics.

North Koreans hate China more than the U.S., says Daniel Pinkston, a Korea expert formerly with the International Crisis Group and now based at Troy University in Seoul. North Korea’s nuclear program is as much aimed at Beijing as it is at Washington, he adds, because the Chinese don’t respect the North Koreans and treat them with contempt.


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The trick for Washington will be turning Chinese irritation into the will to tackle the DPRK before its nuclear ambitions are realized. Nothing else would seem to work. Even shuttering of the KIC, which to date has funneled $560 million to the DPRK, is simply an emotional response, says William Choong, senior fellow International Institute for Strategic Studies. It won’t have that much effect as [Pyongyang] can pretty much send those same workers to China to recoup that revenue.

That’s fortunate for Kim, but not for North Korea’s 25 million people, victims of a regime that commits what a 2014 U.N. report called crimes against humanity. It also complicates U.S. goals to prevent this rogue state from becoming a full-fledged nuclear power. Shortly after Sunday’s launch, Washington and Seoul jointly announced talks on rapidly deploying the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile-defense system in South Korea, which is designed to intercept longer-range nuclear-armed ballistic missiles. Beijing remains opposed, though, and there are technical doubts about the system. THAAD interceptors deployed in South Korea do not have the speed or range needed to intercept a rocket such as the one North Korea just launched, says George Lewis, a visiting scholar at Cornell University’s Judith Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies.

Super Bowl 50 had plenty of fireworks — most supplied by Beyoncé’s halftime performance, not by the rather sludgy game — but one part of the light show was unplanned. An hour after the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers on Sunday evening, North Korea’s Shining Star satellite was spotted some 300 miles above the Bay Area’s Levi’s Stadium, hurtling across the California sky.


Chinese President Xi Jinping is unaccustomed to slaps. Since taking China’s top job in 2013, he has launched an unprecedented anticorruption drive within the Chinese Communist Party (CPP) — targeting both top-tier tigers along with low-level flies — and riled Asian neighbors by embarking on military expansion in the East and South China Seas. The Chinese security dragnet has also been expanded overseas to covertly target dissidents and other Chinese that Beijing regards as wayward. Xi is arguably the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao Zedong.

Beijing has its own problems. Growth in China is forecast to shrink from 6.9% last year to 6.3% in 2016, according to the International Monetary Fund, with the domestic stock market in chaos and the national currency under attack from capital outflows. Beijing has no desire to jeopardize its unchallenged access to cheap North Korean minerals, such as gold, zinc, copper, nickel and rare-earth metals. The North Korean regime is fully aware that it has the Chinese leadership over a barrel, says Weber.

So why does he put up with the defiance shown by North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, much less fund it? China is impoverished North Korea’s top trading partner — amounting to an estimated $6.39 billion in 2014 — and its principal source of cash, food, arms and energy. If China turned its back on North Korea, the Kim regime would almost certainly collapse.

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Spain Is Facing a Second Wave of Coronavirus Outbreaks. Heres What to Know

Nevertheless, the deployment of THAAD on China’s doorstep would be yet another DPRK-induced headache for Beijing. Ordinary Chinese are also growing increasingly exasperated by their government’s support of the Kim clan, expressing their distaste in hastily censored social-media posts.

All this has Washington worried, especially after Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told Congress on Feb. 9 that North Korea had restarted a plutonium reactor that could provide fuel for more nuclear weapons. Pyongyang, Clapper said, was committed to developing a long-range nuclear-armed missile capable of posing a direct threat to the United States.

What’s clear is that there is little love lost between these labored confederates. China historically resents being dragged into the Korean War, a conflict that claimed hundreds of thousands of the Chinese lives, including that of Mao’s own son, Anying. During the six-party nuclear nonproliferation negotiations, which ran 2003–09, insiders say the Chinese delegates could frequently be heard screaming at their North Korean counterparts. Chinese tourists on day trips to North Korea stoke enmity by gawking mockingly the Stalinist iconography and wanton deprivation, which smacks of their own much maligned Cultural Revolution.

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However, no signal has been detected so far, and U.S. officials initially said the craft appears to be tumbling through orbit, rendering it useless for science (though it now appears to have stabilized). But few experts believe the satellite was launched for peaceful purposes alone. It was just a month ago that North Korea detonated what it claimed was a miniaturized hydrogen bomb. This nuclear testing coupled with the testing of ballistic-missile technology is a concern, says Ben Goodlad, principal weapons analyst at IHS Aerospace, Defence and Security.

Yet if Shining Star was intended to be used against the U.S. and its regional allies like Japan, its launch also represented a hostile act toward North Korea’s chief and only ally, China. Beijing had dispatched veteran diplomat Wu Dawei on Feb. 2 to convince Pyongyang to postpone the launch. Yet not only was Wu unsuccessful, the launch was even brought forward by a day to coincide with Chinese New Year’s Eve — the country’s major holiday. This was a slap in the face for Beijing, says Steven Weber, an international-relations specialist at the University of California, Berkeley. read more

[Obstacles] [Bundesliga] 04-27 02-30 VS Augsburg Bayer Leverkusen

Recommended Bundesliga: Bayer Leverkusen Augsburg VS time: at 02:30 on April 27, 2019 Augsburg is currently ranked 14th in the Bundesliga, 10 points ahead of the relegation zone than in the remaining four rounds It has been basically completed the task downgrade. However, the recent outbreak of a team very competitive. First of all, it is to beat the visitors 3-1 in Frankfurt four teams, and then 6-0 at home to Stuttgart. Currently, it is in a highly motivated, confident period. It is worth mentioning that the German teenager Richter scored twice in two consecutive games, is one of the heroes to help the team win. However, at present everywhere Augsburg wounded soldiers, nearly seven main players currently out injured, which will greatly affect the teams depth and strength. Leverkusen is currently ranked seventh in the league, the team began to decline in the event of three consecutive failures. Before and after it beat Stuttgart and Nuremberg, and achieved zero letters, morale and confidence are restored, which also makes the war in Europe is not eligible to despair. Not difficult to see from the road record this season pharmaceutical companies, the team still has some ability to score, but an imbalance between offensive end and defensive end. In addition, in the past five battle, lose the team won three games, two wins. When faced Bremen, Hoffenheim and Leipzig, three games were lost. In other words, when faced with a strong team, pharmaceutical companies often suppressed badly, which is quite overbearing and afraid of hard work. This organization gave Leverkusen a lot of confidence support, gave him a score of 1/2, but the home team in the last 8 home games in the challenge to the pharmaceutical, three draws and five losses. As can be seen, the two teams against Augsburg is clearly the dominant party, Augsburg recent hot performance can also slow down the enthusiasm bet Leverkusen. This field is optimistic about the visiting teams performance. Recommendation: Leverkusen (half / a) underestimating Leverkusen forward four goals

[Bold] [Scottish Premier League] 11-22 03-45 Hamilton

Road to a safe return home of love: how to find a home / whitelist tutorial on how to set [bold prediction both teams score] [Betting Rules]: 1 more than 3 members of the class, each person can only guess a fixed fraction. Each additional posts will be deducted 100 gold coins, all bets will be void at the same time. 2. The bet amount per order 50 gold, after deducting the principal amount will be paid according to the probability of a bet, if you guess wrong, the gold will not be deducted. . 3,5-0UP or 0-5UP refers over five targets (including five goals) winning net, instead of five targets. 4. If there are other, all fractions will be paid (also double the current odds) at 1:10. 5. list of eligible people can wager 10 times. 6. The winning amount of more than 1,000 yuan, plus 10% tax; if the prize money more than 3000 yuan, a 20% tax. [Supplement]: 1 quiz competition area and the generic version of the rules apply to entertainment quiz. General rule: thread-6547029-1-1.html Sports Q & A area to remind you: when adventure bet, you should be careful to order a red heart will be a good luck betting format: Result Score: xx (total of 10) do not repeat bet! ! If you bet with a son can see the hidden content, you have been involved. Hide the contents of this article need to respond 2.JPG (120.32 KB) Before browsing 2016-11-20 19:56: 0-0 (total of 10) Result: 3-3 Result: 1-2 Result: 3-2 results: results 1-2: 1-3 scores: 3-1 (total of 10)

Arsenal and Chelsea in the FA Cup competition seven times, wasting away to see Arsenal it!

After watching the second half of the FA Cup between Manchester City and Arsenal live broadcast, the watermelon season in the Premiership really lost. I really do not understand why I want to replace Sergio Aguero … A few weeks ago, Arsenals league is 2-2, and Guagua bench also conserved defensive player … Today, after reading the highlights and related after the report, I found Manchester City very unlucky. A goal disallowed, a penalty is missed, the door frame was hit twice. Manchester City lost four opportunities. Gunners lost to a fatal loss. Although the Blue Moon can be reversed melon handsome, showing the strong gunmen rare quality, but Im still watching the Gunners in the FA Cup final against Chelsea. why? In the 2014 FA Cup, Arsenal knocked out on penalties by Championship side Wigan, qualify for the finals. Final, the opponent team is relegated Hull City team (the year ranked 16th in the Premier League), Ramsay broke killed 9-year-old military attache. In 2015 to defend the FA Cup game, he was eliminated in the semifinals of the Championship club Reading also, and the final Premier League rivals Villa is 17. Wenger has enough to take care of the fate. This years semi-final match against Manchester City almost took advantage of his good fortune. In the final, Chelsea will face livid Conti Legion …… I do not think Chelsea will lose that title as Tottenham (2006, Tottenham is likely to crowd out Arsenal won the first in the Champions League four, before the final round one point ahead of Arsenal, while most of the main players had been poisoned and ate their bellies before the final round, losing fourth place in the final round loss to Arsenal). According to yesterdays statistics, after the professor into the Arsenal, he won the FA Cup in six games, while Chelsea also won in the same period six …… This is now the seventh game. If Arsenal finished seventh, I will give up my checking account, changed his name to four wives, four concubines and 4 cups of milk. If Arsenal can still win the Premier League in the 2016-2017 season, fourth place, I will do my utmost to Arsenal: the real gunman jersey No. 4 in India, Accel name is in the Phu If Arsenal really win the FA Cup and finished fourth in the Premier League, no doubt, Prof. Wen, his godfather, will continue to serve 2–4 years. Arsenal will increase their investment or teach them to win the Premier League next season?Wenger drawback: the field command can not assess the situation, do not flexible formation (against Manchester City in the first battle, which started to play 343, Manchester City is down to 532 tidal attack, fortunately not sentenced to a penalty, into the ball was blown off). Right hand holding the transfer, I always want to spend a small amount of money to do great things (+1 40 million pounds of watermelon and throw in the examination room), but I am proud of the temperature difference flag. I do not know if there are problems or bad feng shui training, the players because of injuries, won the Premiership title (Diaby bed show endless, and I doubt whether she had an affair with a female nurse). Little Devil leveling and buy equipment for sale at high prices vision no longer exists. In the past 10 years, the gold rush of the French is brilliant. Although 50 million of Khaled Mashaal is too expensive, Wenger has lost the tender melon picked at random in the back garden of the French inside the exclusive right … everyone knows former boss Mu Bapus future is unlimited. Wenger dare to investigate it? ? Honestly: Arsenal surface is a club, but in fact, the other is business! Look Zuotai, it is almost the same as Arsenal. As long as the sales and income, today imitate Volkswagen, Porsche planning how about tomorrow? Money is king. Engine, gearbox and chassis technology innovation too difficult (such as the Champions League and the Champions League), can also be occasionally outside the original interior design (FA Cup, Charity Shield, gorgeous and smooth cooperation on the surface). Like Zuotai, like Arsenal, from shareholders to managers, now is not the value of the championship, but revenue. Tickets are expensive, high television broadcast revenue, as well as a large number of ad sponsorship. Each year, the management will invest a lot of money, the financial statements of the data is also very beautiful … the league? too difficult. Look at your peers, such as Conti, Rinpoche Tarantino, Klopp, Guardiola and Mourinho. They all have one thing in common: they are younger than Wenger, whose team is willing to spend money. They are currently ranked in the league than Wenger. Most importantly, they want to win the championship. Therefore, when Wenger in charge next season, I would never bet Arsenal will win the Premier League (popular science: pronunciation guān, pronounce “official”, and sounding crown, etc.). Messi Ronaldo unless he can be taken into account. Champions League big ears? Do not be silly. In 2006 Wenger is the pinnacle of the war in Europe. Collected three European club trophy in the world …… onlyA runner-up Coach: Arsène Wenger. Cup Winners Cup: Monaco, the 1992 UEFA Cup: 2000, Arsenal Champions League: In 2006, Arsenal Crown [guān] 1. Hats: Clothes. ~ Wear. ~ Cover (ancient official hat and car cover, refers to officials). Clothes – obviously. 2. The top is shaped like a hat or something: his son. chicken. Tree ~. ~ – shaped artery. Coronary heart disease 1. Put the hat on his head: Soak your monkey. 2. Leading all, number one: the army. 3. surname. [This article was written three wives, four concubines wife and two at 6:45 on April 25, 2017 edit] If Arsenal can not win the championship, the Champions League qualification next season will be lost. Chelsea won the league title basically, Arsenal quoted him pressure: The original post was in April 24, 2017 12:37 late autumn if Arsenal can not win the championship next season, the magazine published by the cool color Champions League qualification will be lost. Chelsea have basically won the league, Arsenal faced Arsenal win the championship pressure. The professor suffered a lot in recent years. When I Voegelin debate, I finally put away the results of Ferguson, the famous English Premier League coaches get together, eat bitterness. Arsenal is really a strange team! ! ! Sanchez really thighs! ! ! Arsenal has never been achieved very good results in the Premier League. Henry came here, where professors, staff members, one by one replaced. Prof. always a professor. It was a hard-nosed professor – Arsenal is really a tragedy. In ten years I will not get any big trophy, so I have to fight for the FA Cup. I just made two posts laughed at Arsenal, Arsene Wengers disciples twice beat me! Haha, although I do not like Arsenal, but Govinda and his disciples are like this, it often makes people feel surprised. Wenger is still hot! ! Recently the situation has improved, Come on! !

Juventus – Spear

Road to a safe return home of love: how to find a home / tutorial on how to create a white list [bold prediction both teams score] [Betting Rules]: 1 more than 3 members of the class, each person can only guess a fixed score. Each additional posts will be deducted 100 gold coins, all bets will be void at the same time. 2. The bet amount per order 50 gold, after deducting the principal amount will be paid according to the probability of a bet, if you guess wrong, the gold will not be deducted. . 3,5-0UP or 0-5UP refers over five targets (including five goals) winning net, instead of five targets. 4. list of eligible people can wager 10 times. The winning amount of more than 1,000 yuan, plus 10% tax; if the prize money more than 3000 yuan, a 20% tax. 6. The upper limit of the amount won $ 20,000 (including double). [Supplement]: 1 quiz competition area and the generic version of the rules apply to entertainment quiz. General: [Forum] thread-6547029-1-1.html [/ Forum] Sports Q & A area to remind you: when adventure bet, you should be careful to order a red heart is good luck betting format: Result Score: xx (total 10) Do not repeat the bet! ! If you bet with a son can see the hidden content, you have been involved. Hide the contents of this article needs to receive a reply before you view todays results: 4-0 (total of 10). Results: 2-0 = = = = = = = = Results score: 4-0 (10-fold increase) Results Score: Score 4-2 Results: Results 3-0 score: 4-0 (10 times) Score results: 3-0 result score: 3-1

National security, to say I love you is not easy

Beijing Guoan not much action this year, spent a lot of money to introduce a strong aid, and the introduction of a world-class coach Alberto Zaccheroni. Serie A fans saw no stranger to him, that is to say, he led Bierhoff Udinese beat little-known team, ranked third in the Serie A league. Bierhoff won the Golden Boot of the year, while Udinese is commonly known as Dragon Road, which indicates that there Zaccheroni level. However, to date, the national security team has been playing in the Super League in three games, draw with Tianjin, slightly losing to Yanbian, lost to Hengda. A draw and two losses, scores Premier League is the second lowest. Who would have thought this achievement? Last season, Guoan no defender. In the case of a guest defender and midfielder, is still fifth in the league, the first half was the first. The first few seasons, it has been a Premier League giant, so national security, according to media reports, this season, the National Security sent Chen and Li, while the number of local players has decreased. In recent years, the national security of the country has been losing players, Yang Yu and Wang Xiaolong switch to R & F .. substitute goalkeeper Zhang also left last season, Jiangsu. Compared with Hengda, national security overall level of domestic support is clearly insufficient. “We have not scored in three games, there are a lot of places we need to strengthen. In the meantime, I instill to my players, our goal should not just foreign aid, but the field of Chinese players should also goal. “Zaccheroni said. After the match, Zaccheroni also bluntly said that he is very anxious. He did not score in three league games, this is his first experience as a coach. At the same time, Zaccheroni in his coaching career never had so many injuries. “We can not train with everyone, and no warm-up match, which haunt us, it does not function well our technology and tactics.” Zaccheroni said. Zaccheroni to national security brought new tactics, but not well implemented. Personally, I think, in fact, each team has its own traditions. Beijing football since ancient times as “small, fast, clever,” said, this is a distinctive feature of Beijing football. It has been printed on the Yankees in the bone marrow. Even if foreign teachers has changed, he is also a Spanish coach, he stressed subtle techniques as well as transfer and control. Beijing Football is the same, but added some more advanced soccer concepts. No matter how many players change, the style never changed, although it is not the first national security team, but it is also super league teams. Now check ShuaiMr. changed. He wanted to get rid of the underlying original style Beijing football, fight, focusing on speed, efficiency and superior strength of the players is too high, high-intensity training, which is currently the team is so wounded reason. Shuai to check the time and not judge men. Everyone should be ready for this years four races, Beijing Guoan can hope to regain glory soon as possible, let us see Guoan brand new look. Premier League now there are too many strong teams up. About national security is really hard to say. Relax your mind. Previous era, you really like national security. Such a personality like peak indomitable fighting players and teams like South Korea, like! Now national security to the fans left a bad impression, which depends largely on outside factors! National Security had to rely on the referee many times, a lot of fouls are not punished. In addition, the national security of the few international players, the real strength of the super middle. Not only is national security, many of the Chinese team in the choice of foreign aid or foreign teachers are more concerned with their reputation. · Coach Alberto Zaccheroni, Scolari, Petrescu, and so have a very good reputation, but most of these are their reputation even longer period of time in a decade. Some of these coaches has left the position of front-line coaches, they might have been out of the current training methods and the dominant ideology. In addition, these may be more accustomed to big-name coach with a number of high level players, which may not be suitable for Chinas current players coaching skills. For me personally, I think China should hire a coach at this stage, as well as more coaches who did not leave the stadium for a long time, and won the European Grade A coaching certificate, especially those who took the youth team. These coaches may not have a wealth of experience, but they can be easily matched our current levels, and may have a relatively better results. In addition, the coach may not be expensive, but also less expensive. I was in Beijings brothers complained this quarter downgrade the national security letter in the micro circle of friends. In fact, national security is not short of money, but the national security of the money never buy that player prices. At this point, ronin should get out. Bought players, but can not retain them. National Security will not change the mentality of the uncle, but still will be very difficult in the future. Guoan players well, that is to say, some important players too old, can not. Instead, management is very amateur, watching annoying fans in the labor movement. Not to mention all those who curse are outsiders! National Security to enter this years top four really good, crownThe military has basically missed! Zaccheroni is really very common, that is, his ability to lead the second-rate team. Wherever he is, he is one of those not aim at success, but they try too human. His favorite 343 simply can not be played in China. Otherwise, if he really handsome, why in recent years he has been living in Asia? For Japan, a team can simultaneously win two Asian teams can only maintain the status quo, there is no progress. Italy coach Marcello Lippi is not everyone, even if this person Lippi half the time the same person – the typical layman leaders, national security management is too dull.

Miguel Fernandez with a 2-0 victory over Pele Taishan team into 10 super strong, winning Renhe

The evening of July 7, 2019 Super League 16th round continues, Shandong Luneng beat Pekingese at 2-0, and won twice in a row in Beijing. The first 64 minutes, Miguel Fernandez to help Pellet header score. The first 84 minutes, Dai Lin get a second yellow card and was sent off. 87 minute segment Direct, Miguel Fernandez successful shot past the goalie. Shandong Luneng after the last round home victory over the “leader” Beijing Guoan, rekindled confidence to compete for the AFC qualification. This time, Shandong Luneng afford to lose in case of a three-game losing streak and the second to last Pekingese scored 11 points. In this seasons first round, Shandong Luneng 1-0 home win. Shandong Luneng now the situation has changed, canceled his contract Gill returned to China, while Fellaini sent off. Fortunately, Pellet timely return from injury, and Geddes partner in the front, Delgado continue starting. After the opening ceremony, Beijing and Shandong Luneng defender followed. Second minute, Diop fired into the area that was blown offside. 7 minutes, the Beijing team to break the deadlock, Hao Junmin is Diop ball in midfield, the ball Maka Xi, Wang failed to attack, A Luke success will pull the score to 0 + 0. After the video referee VAR remind the referee Ma Ning Hao Junmin foul on Diop confirmed, the game looked heavy disallowed the goal. The first 13 minutes, Paul Bureau A top pass, the ball came king, threatening, spare no effort. The first 25 minutes, Wang Chuan in the backcourt. Pellet jump very high, walked to the ferry. Zhang Chi get the ball outside the area, and then put it toward the ground. Zhang Lie ball was confiscated. The first 34 minutes, Shandong Luneng understanding in Qianchangpeige. After Delgado cooperation with Bailey, he returned to the restricted area before the Des Siegel, who push shot struck the upright. The first 41 minutes, Luneng making threats again, Wang Tong from the side into the box. Pellet body against the defender in the penalty area. After Geddes and get the ball over the heel, he completed a tough volley, but the ball slightly off the post. Injury time, the Beijing team fought back, Maxi Ka formed a shot, but the face of the king of shot mistake was resolved to his biography. In the first half of the game, the two sides temporarily lost each other. The second half, variable fighting again. In the first 48 minutes, Beijing and made a cross-wing. A Luke turned backwards, hooked the ball. The ball hit Liu handsome head and refraction. Fortunately, Wang radar better, confiscated the ball. Subsequently, Delgado fouls in the game, Manning was booked. number 51 minute, Shandong Luneng took the lead substitutions adjustment, replaced Delgado segment. The first 55 minutes, straight plug, Manuel denied by the heel, the far corner was saved by Zhang Lie. Then, raining hard, Jie Desi kick slide into the ground. In the first 61 minutes, Miguel Fernandez straight along the baseline, then back to the inverted triangle goalkeeper position. However, no one at the top of the penalty area, missed the opportunity to score. The first 64 minutes, Shandong Luneng to break the deadlock, Hao Junmin line a ball, after Miguel Fernandez sent a note to break flank arc the ball. Pellet forcing the guard to break the heading, Pellet scored the 12th goal of the season, Shandong Luneng 1-0 lead. After loses, Beijing adjusted the mentality, Zhang replaced the king. In the 76th minute, when the pupil Wang fell to the ground tackle, Caoyong Jing pedaling. After the video referee reminded him VAR, Manning watched the replay, judged dangerous actions, and produced a yellow card. Caoyong Jing has accumulated four yellow card and will miss the next round. Subsequently, Dai Lin brought down Maxi Ka, and was shown a yellow card. A Luke kick caused confusion, Diops shot was suspected hit his arm, but Manning did not fine. 80 minutes, Liu Yang was brought down in a restricted area before the long-range, the first field Luneng get a kick, a direct Gerdes was blocked by the wall. In 83 minutes, Diop turned in the restricted area shot, the bottom line is blocked out. Subsequently, Zhang down, get a second yellow card and was sent off. Then, after stopping the chest Caoyong Jing, volley volley was denied the bottom line. The first 87 minutes, Shandong Luneng rapid counter-attack, a line segment ball from the goalkeeper Gerd glide around, calmly deal with, once again slip from the defender and the goalkeeper side, long-range score, Shandong Luneng 2-0 lead. Rodriguez scored the seventh Premier League goal in seven games. Injury time, Lee Liu Binbin replaced by Gerd strengthened the defense. The first 93 minutes, Zhang break through the taboo, was back he denied. Target information: Shandong Luneng: 64 minutes, Miguel Fernandez from the side made a curveball, Pellet header. Shandong Luneng: 87 minutes, segment Direct, Miguel Fernandez past the goalie to score empty. Yellow card information: Shandong Luneng: 10-Delgado (49 minutes), 35 Dai Lin (78 minutes, 84 minutes) and Pekingese: 20 Caoyong Jing (76th minute) and substitute the two sides began: Shandong Luneng: 14- Wang; 6-Wang Tong, Dai Lin 35, 3 and 11 Liu Yang Liu Shuai relaxation 13-, 7- CuiPeng, 22 Haojun Min (C), 10 Delgado (U23) [Liu (U23), 36- section, 51 minutes]; Pellet 9-, 23- geldanamycin (21- Liu Binbin 92) and starting Beijing: 12- Zhang Lie; Wan 5-, 17- MRS, 4 Liubo Yang Pegasys and 3- ( U23); 11 minutes Zhu [(20 58 minutes Caoyong Jing (U23)], 14 minutes Wang ((6- sheets 69 min), 15 points, 7 points Maxi Ka; 9- Diop, 10- Aluko

Agueros successor already lined up- Manchester City -new Neymar– He is old, and I can progress

In the 2016-17 Premier League season in the second half, Guardiola coached Manchester City did not want to win the championship. After the first 22 2-2 home draw with Tottenham Hotspur, won the championship is not good. But there are gains that Jesus stunning new aid. 8 minutes off the bench, scored the first goal handicap. At that time, Manchester City bad record in the Premier League is also the main center in front of Sergio Aguero missed several opportunities related. In the game against West Ham on 23 the visitors in the game, Guardiola will be decisive Sergio Aguero on the bench, so that Jesus became the starting center, the Brazilian star into the 1 ball and 1 assist, to help Manchester City 4-0 win. In the first 24 home game against Swansea game, Aguero continue to sit on the bench, Jesus continue starting, Jesus scored twice, helping the team to a 2-1 win. Guardiola decided to less than 20-year-old Jesus became the main center. At that time, even the media reports that Manchester City will be sold at the end of the season Sergio Aguero. But I do not know, the visiting team in the first 25 against Bournemouth, Jesus start of the race was injured in the 15th minute until the end of the season he came back. At the same time, Manchester City were eliminated in the Champions League 1/8 finals in Monaco, the Premier League can only be guaranteed Champions League qualification. In the absence of competitors, Aguero naturally regained the position of the main center. Jesus was born on April 3, 1997, after Neymar Brazilian soccer star, he was known as the “new Neymar” in Baja. When Jesus appeared to Palmeiras, Barcelona and Real Madrid are interested in him, but they did not panic. Barcelona say their relationship with Neymar is very easy to solve, while Real Madrid worried that this will be the second Robinho, and decided to wait. Finally, Guardiola called Manchester City. When Jesus first came to Manchester City, he is the top striker. Ronaldinho and other senior even believe Jesus will win the FIFA World Player in the future. In the 2017-18 season, under the leadership of Guardiola, Sergio Aguero and Jesus have equal opportunity, otherwise they will be playing at the same time or rotation starter. In the Premier League, Jesus played 29 times, starting 19 times, scoring 13 goals, 3 assists, while Sergio Aguero 25 appearances, starting 22 times, scoring 21 goals, 6 assists. As can be seen, Jesus could not shake the first center position Aguero at Manchester City. To the 2018-19 season, Jesus has played 29 games in the Premier League, onlyThere are 8 starts, contributed seven goals and three assists, which makes it difficult for him to become the main force. This season, at 28, Jesus played 24 games, 13 starts, 10 goals and contributed four assists. The country appears to have improved. Not long ago, there are many rumors that Tottenham center Kane will leave the club this summer, the next possible home include Manchester City. Some media said Guardiola think Kane is a substitute Sergio Aguero viable option. But there are two problems. First of all, the desire to reverse the situation of Tottenham will release its best scorer right? Secondly, a high transfer fee. According to media estimates, Kanes transfer fee will not be less than 150 million pounds. Perhaps, for Manchester City, Sergio Agueros successor already lined up. Recently, social media interactions in Jesus compares himself to Aguero. “Im in the clubs history and the greatest idol competition, but I think my own hard times are over. Today, a little old Aguero no ball, he could not do what I can do, such as defense, assists and stole the ball. of course, I do not know whether I am 30 years old to do that. “he also expressed his determination and confidence. “I have been in an important game experience, been to the ball. I believe I was in a growth stage, I believe I can make progress. I think my biggest advantage is my state of mind.”

Hong Kong Station- Bird because rear-end accident was fined Mota La lucky enough to win the championship for the first time

Hong Kong train station departure time Beijing March 10 afternoon, the end of the 2018-19 season f1 Formula One World Championship in Central Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong track. In the final stages of the race, Virgin team Sam Byrd hit a leading Chinese team Luo Tele titanium, causing the latter to retreat due to a flat tire last, Bird first crossed the finish line. However, after the ruling, the officials in the investigation to Byrd increase the penalties for 5 seconds. Therefore, the team of Mota La Venturi won the championship, and this is his first finite element championship. The second to fifth place is: Digby Lacey, Frings, Abbott and Massa, punished Bird retreat sixth. Pole winner Fan Duoen failure due to retire the car. In the first four games of the season, there are four different pole winner and four different races. As the fifth game of the season, people are looking forward to the “rule” would continue. The ultimate punishment makes this “rule” to continue to fulfill. In qualifying, Fan Duoen became the fifth pole position of the season championship, this is the first pole position of the former F1 driver. Nissan rider Roland won second place, third place in Mota La lap race due to ignoring the three under the red flag penalty, Luo Tele lucky enough to get a third. However, the ambitious Audi team ranking results are not satisfactory. Digby Lacey and Abbot were ranked fifth and twelfth place, Mahindra ranked in the final, defending champion Weier Ge internal team qualifying U-turn came in eighteenth place. In the game, Fan Duoen poor start to the first corner before being overtaken Roland. Sam Byrd forced entry before entering the third corner and the fourth corner powerfully than Luo Tele. Soon, he exceeded Fan Duoen, rose to second place, close to the leading Roland. Sims poor starting position, when he sailed round the first corner, almost hit the wall, and Pooh almost went back. Two of them because of the delay and fell at the end of the team. In the first lap, Piquet hit the wall, out of the race, triggering a yellow flag. Soon, in the first turn of the first lap collision with Evans in the second lap Nasser second turn directly into the wall. Behind him two Mahindra Racing can not escape, after truck collided, resulting in the track is blocked. Willy was towed to the end of the team and their Sims are blocked. However, those who do not hit them slowly squeezed past. The whole bodyYellow flag stadium appeared in the race, the safety car was sent out. However, the safety car led the army can not by accident area, the game began to appear red flag after eight minutes. After 13 minutes, the track was cleaned up by the safety car leading the race again. Before the safety car into the station, in addition to Frings and Albert, everyone started to attack mode. After security drove out, Luo Tele exceeded Fan Duoen, rose to third place. The second lap after the safety car out, the first three cars end to end, over the Bird Roland, Roland suddenly decelerated and stopped at the left side of the runway. Other than the car, Roland dropped to tenth place. However, less than a lap ahead of Bird missed the braking point for the second curve under pressure Luo Tele, the Germans seized the opportunity to exceed the first place. Since then, Luo Tele Byrd continued to put pressure on both sides set a fastest lap, which consumes a lot of power. When the race halfway through, Simms left rear wheel hit a retaining wall, out of the race. Willy Dillman also because eating raw meat was fined five seconds. 19 minutes left in the countdown, Buemis left rear tire, Fan Duoen car broke down, Paffett ran into a wall, three retired almost simultaneously. Countdown lasted 16 minutes, the second safety car was sent out, because Gary parked on the runway, unable to move. Less than 12 minutes left in the countdown, the safety car exit, drivers one by one, starting attack mode. Venturi two cars have run out of attack mode, Roland, Lopez and Pooh did not attack mode. After the countdown less than 7 minutes, Roland hit the wall in the seventh corner, triggering a yellow flag, the third safety car immediately dispatched. In the final 10 minutes, three times intermittent contact between the leader and Luo Tele chase Byrd. In the last minute, when Byrd exceed Luo Tele, he exceeds his opponents car, causing the latters right rear tire, the British seized the opportunity to exceed the first place. Bird to take the lead after crossing the finish line, the official said the accident between the two will be investigated, but the award ceremony was held as scheduled. However, after waiting more than two hours, the officials gave Byrd fined five seconds, so Mo Tala became the fifth title of the season. Before the game, the Audi team ambitious regret not to be here to get the 1,000 points, while the Chinese team only got titanium companies Luo Tele fastest lap of one minute. The first 50 games in the history of FE ratioCompetition from September 13, 2014 to March 10, 2019, after four years and five months and 25 days time, electric Formula One World Championship was finally ushered in the first 50 games. In the meantime, Ferrari in more than 20 cities on five continents participated in the competition, 13 automobile manufacturers participated in the competition, 10 different riders boarded the highest podium outside the game. Faced with this impressive figure, even the pride of former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone had to withdraw his disdain. Finite Element will exit center stage circuit although it is the most popular game on the World Championship calendar, but with the Porsche officially join next season, this track will be due to technical problems and the end of its historic mission. As the 12 teams from 24 vehicles will compete in the same venue, the track facility according to the specifications of the FIA, this is currently only 1.860 kilometers of track must be lengthened, and before the game continues, compact area needs maintenance significantly expanded. However, it is located in one of the most prime locations in Hong Kong, there are still many around the building in the preparatory phase. If you want to expand the track, there must be practical difficulties. Hong Kong Station operations team to relevant sources, although very loving Hong Kong Futures Exchange, but next time will definitely not take place in the ring come back. Of course, the good news is that although Hong Kong next seasons calendar will be missed, but the pattern of “China two stations” will not be shaken, Shanghai Yangpu District, Riverside has been listed as a priority to. The new Michelin tires expected to be launched in addition to the “seventh season”, there is news that this week, the new Michelin tires expected to be launched in the “seventh season.” Starting from the 2014-15 season, the French manufacturer FE began supplying tires. According to the plan, the introduction of new tires just in time for the second generation change in the appearance of racing, Michelin also eager to stay in the third-generation car was introduced in 2021-22 season in FE.