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Benzema into two consecutive rookie, Real Madrid 3-0 to win four games in a row

Beijing at 03:45 on February 3 (local time at 20:45 on February 2, Spain time), 2018/19 season, the Primera Liga 22 focus of war started at the Bernabeu stadium. Real Madrid beat Alaves 3-0 at home, Benzema scoring, Pooh and Mariano Palacios scores. Real Madrid has won four consecutive league titles, tied for the top three. Real Madrid this season, lost to Alaves end of the previous 12 league games unbeaten record against Alaves. In league history, the two sides have carried out 27 games. Real Madrid has a clear advantage, 22 wins, 2 draws, 3 losses, including home 12 wins and 1 loss. The only defeat in 2000. Bell, Ceballos, Nacho Oso pull turns playing and Audrey, after Mariano injured back to the bench. After opening the Real Madrid launched an initiative to attack, the front four minutes to win the three corner, Sebastian Naples cubic shot was blocked twice, once misses a shot from the periphery. 9 minutes, Ceballos pass, Benzema in the upper right edge of the area just wide of the places hit the ball arc. Pooh Constantius break through to the edge of the box was saved. Sebastian Naples pass, Ray Cologne left the restricted area before the shot slightly higher. Modric pass, but still missed shot Casemiro. Real Madrid in the 30th minute to break the deadlock. vinicius pass directly in front Vegale, Reguilon pass in the left area, allowing Benzema out of defense, the projecting edge of the area network. This is his first of the season 18 goals, including 10 league goals. In the past four games, he went into six balls. After that, Real Madrid slowed down, increased control, Alaves counter the lack of adequate threat. In the second half. Duarte left the restricted area shot missed the near corner. Bell pass, Benzema rebound the ball left the restricted area was confiscated. Modric direct pass, Pacheco Bell is also saved in a low shot left the restricted area. Bell kick 20 yards directly hits the bar was substituted Welsh Asensio. Weijia Le pass from the right side, top side ball in Cali. Bourges pass, Johnny Ku Tuowa saved shot left the restricted area. Pooh Constantius from the outside shot, Ramos header in the corner. Benzema substituted Mariano, standing ovation. Real Madrid in the first 80 minutes to expand the score, crossing the ball in the back Pooh Palacios, ArgentinaSensi Oscar broke into the right side of the penalty area, unsuspecting Pooh Palacios 2-0 lead into the net. Mali Pans header missed the corner. Pooh Constantius pass directly, Audrey Sola 10 yards is rescued Pacheco knife. Isco replaced vinicius. Real Madrid 91 minutes to seal the victory, Audrey Ossur pull the right pass, Mariano 3-0 lead small area. Real Madrid (4-3-3): 19- 25 Audrey library tuvinian Ola, 6- Nacho, 4-Ramos, 23- Lei Gulong; 10- Modric, 14- casemiro, 24-Ceballos ; Bell 11- (63 , 20 Asensio), 9- Benzema (75, 7 Mariano), 28- Constantius Pooh (87 , 22- isco) Alves (4- 5-1): 1- Pacheco; 2- Vegale, 6- Maripan, 5- laguardia, 3-Duarte; 14- Bourges (67 , 9 Roland), 19 Manu Garcia (81, 7- Blanco), 8-Pina, 22 Waka Suo, 23 Jonny; 12- Caleri (81 , 10- Guidotti) big Ben Matthew unstable! Real Madrid wants to restructuring! We have to change the center!

Some British media revealed Turner for assaulting a taxi driver was sentenced to 50 days imprisonment message

Nicholas Bendtner According to the “Daily Mirror” and other British media reported that former Arsenal striker Nicolas Bendtner for assaulting a taxi driver was sentenced to 50 days imprisonment. This 30-year-old Turner, now working for Rosenberg. Currently, he has appealed the decision. One night in September, the Turner chin wounded a taxi driver, the court playing a video when the accident occurred in a car shot. At that time, the Danish team apologized at a news conference three days after the incident. Turner said: “I was involved in a very unfortunate incident I can not imagine it would be so hard for me to develop over the unfortunate result of this incident….” “For Rosenberg fans, I Im sorry this happened, and Im sorry we stand here today. for my dear teammates, I regret at this important moment I became unnecessary focus. thanks for your understanding. “when the attack happened It reported that the Turner attended a party at a nightclub in Luso ago into the taxi and his girlfriend Philip. Taxi company spokesman said: “The Turner is the driver reported the name.” Copenhagen police also confirmed that they had received a report on violence against taxi drivers in Sunday 2:41. After leaving Arsenal in 2014, Turner played for Wolfsburg, Nottingham Forest and Rosenberg, scoring 33 goals in 75 games. [Source: Daily Mirror] It seems that he was the princesss boyfriend at the peak. I did not expect such a person would be a football star. Such news will inevitably occur in such an athletic star who grumpy. This man is a waste, Arsenal is his pinnacle, Rosenberg after all, is a giant, it is possible to fire him in such a scandal.

Romantic Schumacher Xiao Han- After soaking in the air, -wine hit- Chinese beauty ritual

Hamilton has been a personality exposed riders, especially after his early Triple Crown, he even occupied a variety of negative news headlines. This was also the former boss Dennis criticism, but once in a contemporary auto magnate Wildcats and Rihanna did not care. Speaking of Hamilton this season to the Chinese fans left the deepest impression, this may be his amazing performance in China. Hamilton easily won the F1 championship when China Xiao Khan took the stage around him waitress were very uncomfortable. Han Xiao open the champagne sprayed in his sides Miss Manners etiquette lady who can not avoid it, so she had turned his head away to hide it clear that at this time there is no Xiao Han, “Xi Yu Xi Yu,” the intimate small Han Taixing Fen of April 21, 2014, Hamilton spraying champagne on the podium Shanghai F1 Grand Prix. September 7, 2014, after Monza, Italy, in 2014 the Italian F1 Grand Prix race, hostesses killed. In private life, full of Xiao Han is romantic enough. A few days ago, the relationship between him and the Pussycat Dolls intermittent very embarrassing. Local time on November 9, 2015, London, United Kingdom, Hamilton and Nicole Shu secret meeting with Singh. Although Han reached out and covered his face, avoiding the lens, however, a red fur coat and a red baseball cap with still become the focus of attention of the paparazzi. To avoid the camera scene is very moving. Osamu still wearing a red baseball cap. June 28, 2015, in London, Hamilton was photographed with supermodel Gigi Hadid go to nightclubs. Kendall and Jenna Rita Ora has also been. Han Xiao can be said that a lot of money, and he and Gigi Hadid crowded in the back seat, together to avoid the lens. Gigi Hadid even more shy and laughing, it seems very fond of close contact with Han laugh. Speaking Osamu woman, a former Wildcats people left a deep impression. May 25, 2013, in Monaco, in 2013, Hamiltons girlfriend Nicole Stringer appeared cheer for her boyfriend on the track. At that time, the Wildcats are the highlight of F1. Hamilton there was a serious car accident in Belgium the station at the scene to watch the battle of star girlfriend Nicole Pasture goldThis grid is a sudden accident scared to cry, but the British driver unharmed. At that time, their feelings are still strong and pure. F1 race in Singapore station, all the drivers and their girlfriends to join debut, Xiao Han pressed the girlfriend sexy car models, showed off her beautiful back in the game. Wildcat was the highlight of the F1 race. Formula One driver Lewis Hamiltons girlfriend Nicole appeared on the Halloween party, wearing sexy clothes “Pussycat Dolls” murder of countless films. Han laughed even spent 20 million pounds to buy a private jet, in order to alleviate the pain of Acacia between him and his girlfriend Nicole 斯特里金格. Hamiltons red private jet is a Bombardier CL-600, speed is 500 kilometers per hour. To Hamilton, although he likes the wind speed on the track, but he needed a faster mode of transportation. After all, he and the Wildcats have been separated for a long time. Sure enough, the gap between these two places is not large. September 26, 2012, in the United States, F1 driver Lewis Hamiltons girlfriend Nicole Sichejinge and African-American singer Christina Brown party at the bar. When strong feelings, they hide in a corner passionately kissing. Nicole Sichejinge was photographed kissing and deceit black singer Christina Brown, Nicole Sichejinge was photographed kissing and deceit black singer Christina Brown. Soon after, the relationship between Hamilton and the Wildcats ended. After ex-girlfriend “Pussycat Dolls” break, Hamilton is often photographed in nightclubs and out of the party, and many hot and sexy models dating gossip. After the Monaco race, Han Xiao not only revel in the two most recent rumored girlfriend – Kendall Jenna and Gigi Hadid nightclubs, but also take them to a yacht party. Not only that, Han Xiao also found Miss Finland. May 2013, Dr Archie McLaren Instad daughter and girlfriend gossip Hamilton won the title of Miss Finland in 2013. The girl secret enroll in the competition, did not tell her father, family and friends, did not give them a “surprise”, until she entered the finals. May 26, 2014, another Hamilton gossip girl wearing a black bikini, showing off her body curves. 2014 On May 26, Hamilton gossip girl wearing a black bikini, showing off her body curves. May 26, 2014, Hamilton gossip girl wearing a black bikini, showing off her body curves. May 26, 2014, Hamilton gossip girl wearing a black bikini, showing off her body curves. Some people say that Rihanna time to time will encounter different man when a new boyfriend, but at this stage, the baton seems to have been handed over to the king of contemporary F1 car of Hamilton. August 14, 2015, Hamilton and Rihanna was photographed with a nightclub in New York. South Korea seems to be deliberately stayed in the car for a while in order to cover up. Rihanna after entering the nightclub, she was out of the car, and immediately entered the nightclub. British entertainment magazine good! “This is even more surprising when Hamilton Rihanna and send messages to each other flirting ambiguous. Even an insider revealed that in one party, the relationship between Hamilton and Rihanna incredible. August, even the paparazzi photographed the two men appear together in Barbados photos, they had a wonderful holiday on a luxury yacht. yacht in Barbados, Rihanna wearing very cautious, insiders see her and Hamilton intimate chat and drink, as if she was in love about Hamilton and Rihanna dating rumors continued even though neither publicly acknowledged their romance, but the signs have emerged:… in their dealings Rihanna 27 year-old that day, Hamilton gave Rihanna balloons and roses as a gift. If this can not be regarded as lovers, Hamilton earlier this year and Rihanna also appear together at the Grammy rehearsal party. August 21 Hamilton participated in Kakadu Monte day parade, which is the hometown of Barbados Rihanna a traditional festival. Hamilton immersed in the parade in addition to the riches of his private life, various acts Han Xiao is quite personal. December 2014 14, the British broadcasting companys annual list of sports figures released, Hamilton urged McCloy won the best; when walking on the red carpet, Osamu also brought his dog to steal the mirror in April 2015, Hamilton in 2015 F1 Bahrain. BigAward race gained momentum. Xiao Han Gao Shuai also dressed in costumes appeared in Bahrain. Not only black super cool, and double gold chain around his neck and bright and blind … WWE is the worlds increasingly popular sport, other occupations also temporary guest stars. In the just-concluded Mexican races, F1 driver Lewis Hamilton as a special guest in the show with his allies to win the match, won the audience enough acclaim. Tigers _ Fengshen Comment: According to reports, Hamilton to win very excited. He grabbed the champagne bottle, the champagne sprayed around Ms. ceremonial head. Hamiltons behavior has been widely criticized. An anti-sexism organization named “Object” of Britain said his actions “selfish and inconsiderate,” and asked him to apologize. However, Miss Manners seems to defend Hamilton. She said, “lasted only a second or two. I do not see what the big deal is.” She added, “I think the media a little too sensitive, at least more serious than on this topic in China. Im just a clerk . my job requires me to stand on the podium. I did what I should do. “Hamilton said in an interview on Thursday (16th), Miss manners conversation made him feel relaxed. He said the incident should be treated as a joke. He added that he would never intentionally do not respect others or in such a way so that others look bad. Hamilton said he was pleased to hear the statement of the woman. He said, “If she said she was really angry, then I might be more worried.” Hamilton is a talented F1 driver, he is the second of Schumacher Schumacher. However, with age, it is estimated he will slowly decline, and now his life is still so extravagant, he was far away from being fired! It is said that Chinese girls watching their behavior and have a good feeling! Haha! Hamilton should be the first rider to have its worth. No wonder people are romantic enough, never liked these people. They casually and women play with their own money. In fact, this is more like some women share resources. read more

100 Mibo Stewart to score 9.79 defending Stuttgart Su Lin Yajun 9th

Beijing the evening at 21:20 on August 23, 2015 Beijing World Athletics Championships ended the mens 100 meters final, Jamaican athletes Usain Bolt in a personal best of 9.79 seconds to win the championship this year! This is the third time Bolt won the mens 100 meters world champion! American Gatlin 9 seconds to score 80 of runner-up, the United States and Canada Bromley Virgin De Rust 9 seconds to score 92 tied for third, Chinas Su-10 seconds to score 06 finished ninth created a world best for the Chinese mens 100m athlete. Gay Americans finished sixth in 10 seconds 00, Powell finished seventh in 10 seconds 00. When the semi-finals, while the Soviet Union and Frances Victor ran 9.987 seconds, tied for eighth. In the history of the World Championships, the first time nine people took part in the mens 100 meters final. Su finished second in the final. Two big winner, American Justin Gatlin, the seventh track, Bolt in the fifth runway. Before the game, playing the piano Lang Lang walked into the stadium, cheering the audience in high spirits! Even standard-bearer also stood watch. When the Soviet Union was introduced to the venue, he was very relaxed, while Bolt is made a long-lost face. Gay is still the same serious, Powell smiled, Gatlin made a strong action opened the door. The game starts now! Bolt poor start, Gatlin first 30 meters ahead. But then something went wrong. Bolt began to catch up with the meteor, but Gatlin sudden acceleration in the second half. He could not escape Bolt! They crossed the line almost simultaneously, but Bolt won it! Bolt patted his chest after crossing the finish line to celebrate the victory! In the valley, he again won the mens 100 meters champion! Bolt crossed first lines Bolt bond between the first and second Gatling no. Su Chinese flag exhibition Bolt, who has been leading a symbolic act of holding a nine medals Bolt first into the 100m final of the Chinese people embraced Bolt excellent form this year after Gatlin won the championship playfully biting his tongue and Don 塞努加特林 Bolt waved together cover Bolt, Stuttgart Limbaugh Stewart wearing a flag after winning the championship to make a landmark move Gatlin crossed the finish line赛后加特林 look easy Lang Lang was invited to perform Lang Lang Lang Lang gave a thumbs up to everyone to embrace schematic Bolt 100 meters athlete at his mothers high-speed camera Bolt, who crossed the finish line first flag wearing make history post-Soviet mentality seemed to be somewhat powerless Su Su finished seventh, which has created history by a narrow margin Bolt Bolt won the title despite photo and invigorating Bolt still won the championship, but you can Bolt has not seen the last of him. Bolt can be celebrated for the audience in the final sprint before seven years ago, but Bolt must come up with 100% effort and battle other players. Bolt can be seen that the gap between the players and a few very small. I believe Bolt will be 100 meters down the altar in the near future, and look forward to the birth of another trapeze! Bolt looks much older. I do not know how many years he will reign in the highly competitive field of 100 m. Bolt is really a cow. In recent years, he has been invincible in the 100 meters area. Although Bolt is no longer the man he was, but he did not overcome the pressure of others. Haha, as the first breakthrough in 10-second barrier in the Chinese people, the Soviet Union has made history in the 100m final. I hope he can achieve another breakthrough, ran into the top three, perfect to win medals.

Wie accepted to marry the son of NBA celebrities, striking pigeon eggs

Beijing on March 11, Wie shot on social media for the NBA legend Jerry Wests son to marry a photograph and wrote: “I accompanied my whole life!” And immersed in his big diamond ring. Know who is Michelle Wie: Michelle Wie, in October 1989 Born on 11 Hawaii, is an American of Korean female golf player. She is the US PGA Championship (15 years old) and the US Ladies Professional Golf Association Championship (14 years old) qualifications of the youngest players. [1] In 2003, she took part in the Sony Open, became the fourth PGA Tour challenge of female athletes. October 21, 2013, he served as Ambassador of the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing. [2] May 4, 2015 to get second in the world. March 4, 2018, Wie under par -17 under par won the 2018 LPGA Ladies Professional Golf Tour Singapore champion. March 1, 2019, Wie had to withdraw from the HSBC Womens World Championships because of her injured right hand again. March 11, 2019, Wie accepted the marriage proposal of Johnny West. Chinese name Wie Wie, mbth US citizenship golf as a sport native South Korea enjoys reading and painting was born in Hawaii, Date of Birth: October 11, 1989 Gender female height 180 cm the most admired idol, the priest Tiger Wu Ziwei Xu Bing is Professor of Tourism management Department of the University of Hawaii Xu mother Miss Zeng Jingshi most photogenic Korea [this article from the final Maomao Rehn at 15:41 on March 11, 2019 edit] looks like Ive loved the small Lopez, but I did not think it would be relevant and basketball. Amazing. She is a true legend, because she is the father of American professional basketball logo. NBA dynasty established two people with one hand! It does not look good. Facts have proved that no Korean plastic surgery. There is a big gap it?

Up to 2.5 million! German media- Schalke became the first Bundesliga team to introduce salary caps

Tigers on June 29 to take off. According to the “Nanfang Dushi Bao” reported Schalke 04 to become the first introduction of the Bundesliga team salary cap system. According to reports, the heavily indebted Schalke 04 will no longer allow the annual salary of more than 2.5 million euros in the new contract, the annual salary of 2.5 million euros will be their salary cap. Affected by the epidemic and missed three times in four years of war in Europe, Schalke is now heavily in debt. Even before the outbreak, Schalke debt in the last financial year reached 197 million euros, before the Champions League regulars now become a stable middle and lower reaches of the Bundesliga team. Schalke sorry he will not be downgraded next year. 16 is invincible no one can buy this years salary, and no one can keep it if youth training can not produce talent, this is a vicious cycle of wage restraint to sell it, little devil training, then sell at high prices . Getting out of debt. I had to stop selling, free people. Stupid high level of loyalty and the ability of the captain Hugh Desmond does not need to forget it. He also drove a strong faction. Fellman also drove the righting of White Wolf, Knut Bell and spend money on him. Then he Schubert, he spent more money. Finally, thanks to these stupid senior leaders handed it to 拜仁沙尔克 I am sorry he will not be downgraded next year. This years 16 is invincible difficult to turn back. Calm down, next door to the study must be ended if youth training can not produce talent, this is a vicious cycle of wage restraint to sell it, little devil training, and then sell at high prices. Getting out of debt. I had to stop selling, free people. The vicious cycle begins? Obviously no money, the miners have dug mine and I believe this is the end of Hamburg. No one can buy the salary, no one can keep it there are a lot of teams I do not want to dawdle Bundesliga It was a bad start. The 250-watt ranking really enough to me to limit myself in their scope how bad this financial

Oregon State University campus took hooked Lily! Multi-round sea ah! Oh, no, this is too naive!

Today, I would like to introduce a little sister Pioneer fans, oh no, Sister! Sarah Jane Underwood, blonde, looks sweet and hot body, she has been the “Playboy” cover girl! The little sister started early on her career. Back in 2008, she was selected as the “Playboy” magazines most popular girl in the year, its a bit surprising! One pair of confused eyes, sexy mouth slightly open, perfect body curves, who does not like it? Sister was born in March 1984 in Portland, Oregon. She was a volleyball player in junior high school. She graduated from Oregon ska Phillips High School in 2002. Such a beautiful little sister very much like NBA. She was born in Portland, she said she was hard-core members of the vanguard. In addition, she has long been a pioneer in package owner, her favorite NBA star is Lillard. In addition, people are not vases, they not only have a university degree, also at Oregon State University to study business marketing, they are then Xiaohua Oregon State University. Underwoods first job was as sales of heavy construction equipment, and later as a waiter in Hooters Beaverton, Oregon. According to reports, a US magazine has conducted a public opinion survey, which was then in the Underwood American college students hottest fantasies. Such a beautiful little sister very much like NBA. She was born in Portland, she said she was hard-core members of the vanguard. In addition, she has long been a pioneer in package owner, her favorite NBA star is Lillard. Blond hair fell to her shoulder blades, sweet smile melted the hearts of fans, wearing a hat on Yuru round, but could not colorful underwear over her hips, which is beautiful and intoxicating. In recent years, with the rise of social networks, Underwood began to transition. She is not only a model, but also began to shoot outdoor photos. Every day, the world is moving, not a first-class beauty. People are not going anywhere! Are taken every day a variety of beautiful scenery, take a picture, display a camp, then just pick up an ad, you get a lot of income! It is not very jealous! All the way to shoot ah shoot, shes a fan of IG has reached 9.2 million! Yes, 9200,000! Santorini in Greece, they put on a swimsuit, so that people yelling. The sea is really round, oh! Do not. How important today is the day I want to say! Oh, no, really blue sea, the scenery is really beautiful! Under the setting sun, sipping cocktails beautiful two roles, Sarah head wearing a red flowers, her smile like a flower blooming. Through photographs, you can see Sarah ornate chest is round and full, like a bud as she hid behind a swimsuit. Pink bathing suit so that “ball” even after some gentle watching fascinated. Moreover, in Santorini sea view room, they are still swimming pool. Sarah beautiful buttocks naughty water soaked. She swinging, swinging up and down, looking at everyone who wanted to take a picture with her charm. Like an angel on Earth, she gave people a pure nature. The good leaving beautiful scenery in nature girl people want to stop, but can not play. Like an angel on Earth, she gave people a pure nature. The good leaving beautiful scenery in nature girl people want to stop, but can not play. Like an angel on Earth, she gave people a pure nature. The good leaving beautiful scenery in nature girl people want to stop, but can not play. Like an angel on Earth, she gave people a pure nature. The good leaving beautiful scenery in nature girl people want to stop, but can not play. Angel face devil is that, regardless of whether Lili Ya know her, ha ha

Mourinho Where better than Van Gaal

The new seasons first four official games are successful, the new high-profile Manchester United set sail. Not only is the victory, and the team spirit, the transfer contract, tactical play, before and after the interviews and press conferences, Mourinho with the shortest time to let the world see the change Manchester United. It is no exaggeration to say, “Magic Bird” won the hearts of the majority of Manchester United fans, while his predecessor, Louis van Gaal did not do it in the past two years actually. So Mourinho Manchester United brought nothing magical about it? He did better than Van Gaal? First of all, I want to talk about the first point, it is Jose Mourinho has returned to Manchester Uniteds domineering. Magic Bird is a goal-oriented coach. When he took over Manchester United, Mourinho put down his rhetoric to win the championship. Since taking over Manchester United, Mourinho has repeatedly stressed that Manchester United should try to win the championship, this is the only target of Manchester United in a variety of interview. Has many years of coaching experience Mourinho can not help but realize the difficulties, Manchester United are still in a transition period of reconstruction, but he has publicly expressed his goals. This is not arrogance, but Mourinho is very clear, as a coach such a big club like Manchester United, this attitude must be manifested in front of the media and fans. Secondly, we should talk about tactics. Mourinho just four games to clearly express his tactical thinking. On the basis of the defense, he has been an effective counterattack, even almost the entire core lineup. He won the first four games of the results also reflect the recognition of the Manchester United players Tactics to some extent. In contrast, when Van Gaal coached Manchester United two seasons, his tactical play is still chaotic, the scene is extremely boring, which makes people lose hope. Dutch apparently did their disciples Mourinho less efficient. Mourinho team building also has its own definite ideas. Especially in terms of signing, Mike Mussina introduction of worship in Iraq, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Boge Ba and Muji Ta Yang played very well in, they changed Manchester United. More importantly, these reinforcements are accompanied by Mourinhos reputation from. If Van Gaal remain in office I do not know whether Manchester United this summer signing would be so effective. However, the same Van Gaal spent a lot of money but because he has been criticized for signing effect. The biggest problem is that he did not provide a reasonable tactical play for these players. Finally, Jose Mourinho and Van Gaal is the biggest difference of temperament. Although it sounds a bit mysterious, but in fact, it is true that everyone can feel. Manchester United is in a slump urgent needMike Mussina to give up other peoples temperament, and even some arrogance. After three consecutive mediocre seasons, Manchester United need a strong man to lead them to reorganize their rivers and mountains. The madman Red Devil trip off to a good start, but far from successful. He must face Guardiola, Wenger and Conti siege, only time will tell whether we will succeed Jose Mourinho at Manchester United. But now it is certain that Manchester United players and fans of Manchester United Mourinho is confident, depending on whether the madman continued his magic. [This post last edited by the oosuperoo in at 16:00 on August 29th 2016]

Premier League – double waist, Liverpool win 2-1 to keep the first four

Beijing at 00:00 on March 13 (UK local time at 16:00 on the 12th), 2016/17 Premier League season 28 held at Anfield Stadium. Liverpools 2-1 defeat at home to Burnley, the first to break Barnes, Durham and Emre Can Venal reversed their goal. Liverpool three straight at home is still the top four. On Burnley victory over Liverpool in the league in 1974, after he won 9 games to 1 level 8 negative results. The two sides have had 99 times the historic battle, Liverpool won 42 times and tied 24 times, lost 33 times. Burnley lead in the 7th minute. Lorton up front diagonal pass from the right. Gray missed the ball in the middle of the road, but far away in Barnes shovel into the net in front of the penalty area. Boyd missed a free kick outside shot in the melee. Mane pass from the right side of the penalty area, but the distal Ao Liji missed the ball. Ward hit a cross from the left, Barnes left edge of the box misses an empty fire. Lawton cast out of bounds Gray small angle from a higher emitted after passing through Matip. Liverpool half equalizer, Ao Liji pass in the left block 维杰纳尔杜 Farm restricted area before the ball, the ball break push. In the second half. Barnes and Alfeld series of missed long-range. Ward vigorously throw the ball outside the boundary, Klavan almost no rescue, but Barnes at close range misses the target. Coutinho was replaced by teenager Woodburn. Liverpool 61 minutes to catch the score, pass Ao Liji, Emre Can shot 25 yards, the score is 2-1. Barnes close shot blocked kick melee. Woodburns left side shot just wide of the far corner. Lucas replaced the Ao Liji to strengthen his defense. In the last minute, Mane shot from 12 yards was saved by Heaton. Liverpool (4-2-3-1): 22- Mi Niete 2- Klein, Matip 32-, 17- Klavan, 7- Milner; 23- emre Zhan, 5-wijnaldum; 20- pull Rana, 10 Kudiniao (60 , 58- Woodburn), the 19- horse; 27-Origi (79, 21- Lucas) Burnley (4-4-2): 1- Xi Dayton; 2- Lawton, Keane 5-, 6- present – m, 23-Ward; Boyd 21 (73 , 12 Brady), 19 Barton, Hendrick 13-, 37- Al Field (90 , 32-Age Ye); Barnes 10-, 7- Gray (80 , 9 Vaux) Moon (1/21) Wijnaldum equalizer (2/21) Zhan vested Festival (3/21) Wijnaldum Score (4/21) Wijnaldum goal celebration (5/21) Kenny Dalglish stood to watch the fight (6/21) Gerrard stood to watch the fight (7/21) Matip header score (8/21) horse Chennai cross (9/21) to celebrate the goal Ashley Barnes (10/21) celebrates scoring Burnley (11/21) Burnley celebration (12/21) Sean – De Qieer field headquarters officer (13/21) Boyd shovel Coutinho (14/21) Zhan (15/21) Ao Liji sidewalk crossroads (16/21) long tail (17/21) Wijnaldum with his fist to celebrate (18/21) Zhan celebrates scoring (19/21) young Woodburn appeared (20/21) to celebrate the Red Army target (21/21)

incredible. She had actually 50 years old

More alarming is that, from February 2010 to March 2016, has come to know ourselves Liu Ye Lin of age, completed the Yangtze, Hanjiang River, the Straits of Malacca and the Yellow River 30 kilometers through the winter. This extraordinary experience than her beautiful appearance even more amazing. A few days ago, a result of receiving an exclusive interview with the British media and popular 50-year-old fitness mother Liu Ye Lin on the microblogging beat a group of beautiful photos, along with an article:. “In fact, no secret forever young and healthy, elegant, delicate, sensual and glamor from her tireless efforts! confidence and independence is a panacea, can make women rejuvenated, became unrivaled self and irreplaceable self! “photo, Liu Ye Lin wearing a sexy two-piece bikini, showed her proud figure, she has not lost her sister. Some netizens commented: “50-year-old fitness hot mom”, “I saw the flanks.” She recently hot. I first heard her and saw the CCTV variety show [This article was last edited at June 12, 2017 14: 58 famously] Recently, it is full of news about her . This is speculation. What is 50 years old? All are folk masters, but these paintings is relatively low-key. I do not know where to watch the video. The pieces of the picture display old robber … if given the chance, Id do her grass. I saw this beautiful witch news on television. I think my family is very rich, so I do not need to worry about my life. I focus on exercise and stay in shape. If you are frequently exposed to the sun, your skin should be affected. I have seen many wealthy middle-aged women, who are well-maintained, and now the people began to pay attention to them. So beautiful! Sunny weather! Appreciate her ability to swim across the Yangtze River. Sporty woman is the real beauty, rather than the old goblin. The aunt really too diligent. She needs every day in the gym.

In recasting the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Triple Crown, Suzhou, Wuxi and Bixian Li led the Jazz fee under feats

In the summer of 1999, Manchester United won the European Championship, the Premier League champions and FA Cup, which makes the Jazz fee and the team of people embarked on a career high. In particular, the EU-final against Bayern Munich is a classic game. Goal hero Su Xika year after 20 years to become Manchester Uniteds coach. Yesterday, he again landed and contributed for the Red Devils, repeating a wonderful shot Bayern door. This sponsored by the Manchester United Foundation, a charity tournament held in Auto Crawford Stadium. Two players, and star-studded Manchester United, almost restructuring. That year, the main players, including high Schumacher, Stan, Lonnie Johnson, Ivan, Jiagelini Wiley, Las Vista, Brown, Pete, history Gauss, David Meyer, wave Sharansky , chalky, Gore, Shunin Ham, Sasha and so on. , They have put up a fight. Legendary Bayern team, led by captain Matthews, Maka De Alba, Xue Naropa map, Fort Affin, and Mitty · Qieli Zi Li Ao once again put on a shirt. Seven members of wealth Jiagelini Wiley, Bi Yin and bits, Manchester United look to maintain a good state, but returning to Sasha and Maca added a lot of weight, almost completely different. Soon, Bi Yin cross from the right, Sasakis shot was blocked after the start of the game. He later passed to Keith Brown, and gave it to Suxi Ka, which easily broke the record. Subsequently, the jockey with his body broke through the barriers, bitter scored a goal at a corner, sand Xia rushed to the front of the shot, Bi Yin grasp each others strong shot hanging. Manchester Uniteds legendary for his old rival a fierce attack once 5-0, his old rival courage to recover from that year, which is much easier than thrilling victory 20 years ago.

A ticket! Walker suspended for 10 games, Mark Hill suspended for five games, with fines totaling £ 250,000

Beijing on Jan. 28, and Mark Walker Basketball Association fined Hill, where Walker was suspended for 10 games, Mark Hill was suspended for five games. Since both of them are due to seize power in the game and punished, and will be automatically suspended for one game, Walker will be suspended for a total of 11 games, Mark Hill will be suspended for six games. As the regular season only four games remaining seven games will end in the playoffs or next season. Each club and playing area: January 27, 2016, in the 2015-2016 season CBA league regular season 34 of 336 games, highway Venus club Shandong Province, Shandong Provincial Expressway basketball team (hereinafter referred to as the Shandong team) against Tianjin Rong Rong Bao steel Golden Lion club paid basketball team (hereinafter referred to as the Tianjin team). When the game to the third quarter, the race to 5 minutes and 32 seconds, Shandong team members Wu Hao ignore sportsmanship, elbow pushing the Tianjin team of foreign aid Mark. In dissuade both players and referees, no further escalation of the conflict, but clashes on the league caused serious adverse effects. For the serious league discipline, according to – the provisions of Article VII of “20,152,016 Chinas mens basketball League Disciplinary Regulations” (hereinafter referred to as “Punishments”) Chapter II, the Shandong team members Wu Hao was criticized those who provoked the incident , 10 games suspended game. Shandong Golden Stars League reduce fine of 150,000 yuan; Mark Hill reprimand, revenge Tianjin team of foreign aid was suspended for five games, Tianjin Rong Gang Basketball League club to reduce funding by 10 million. 2015-2016 season has not been completed to suspend the project will continue in the next season when the competition entry. Above the stadium conflict following the incident, “Chinese Basketball Association on notice to rectify the game style and discipline, punish stadium violence” after the release of another serious violation of competition and disciplined style, reflect the individual clubs and players did not really pay attention to style and straighten game discipline, punish stadium violence. Hope all clubs, players and other league officials to draw lessons from, and as a warning for the prevention and containment of stadium violence. Chinese Basketball Association will continue to keep the pressure up, processing headwind violation of discipline, to ensure the smooth and orderly league. Chinese Basketball Association, January 28, 2016 [img] [/ img] [Last edited the article in at 02:09 on January 2016 by the 29 abcdzzz000] looks partiesOnline punishment was too heavy for them, for their cry is a disgrace. Stadium violence, Whistle, and why good things are always worse than the good things in China. Really depressed, national institutions have to do? Mark Hill suffered heavy losses Walkers fault. The players continue to play dirty games, the Mark Hill desperate. Walker is a villain, he has been doing some small tricks to invade people. Frankly, he is doing the dirty work. Foreigners who may have never seen such a character, Oh, its really popular. Such people do not like Walker was banned for life, this is a big joke in Chinese basketball. This is a £ 50 big board. Look at that black too shabby. Being chased and run away is a disgrace. Really I am not a person to see the video. Yin then worship at the perfect time he ran, he was chasing the old black. its a pity! !

Revin pass + Own Bridget Wagner 3-1 defeat 拜仁沙尔克

February 10, Beijing time on February 10 at 1:30 am, in the 2018-19 season, the first 21 Bundesliga, Bayern Munich vs. Schalke 04 at the Allianz Arena game. The first half, Revin for the manufacture of Bromma own goal, Qutub Zhu rapid counter-attack in the match, Luo again to help Revin catch up. The second half, Levins barbed shot just in time to help Bridget Wagner broke, Levine also missed several opportunities to continue to expand the score. Ultimately, Bayern Munich a 3-1 win over Schalke, Bayern and Dortmund narrow the gap to 5 points. Bayern in the league the last round 1-3 loss to Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund extended to 7 points gap in the league standings, ranking beyond the Borussia to third place. Bayern in the German Cup with a 3-2 victory over Hertha Berlin, most of the main players have spent a lot of time to play in overtime, but the door Star lost to Borussia Dortmund in the first round. Schalke 04 is currently ranked 12th in the league, in the last round game 0-2 loss to the door of stars, and in order to qualify for Dusseldorf 4-1 in the middle of this weeks German Cup match. Neuer and Robben continue to miss, this is the first time this season the two teams beat Bayern 2-0 on the road. After the opening, the Bayern attack quickly. In the fourth minute, Alabama pushed to the left, and select the left the restricted area. Wanle seize this place, and sprayed the ball out, the ball was confiscated Fellman. 6 minutes, J · Luo field goal on the left side, followed by Alabama strong long-range hit the far corner. Unfortunately, the ball just way off. The first 12 minutes, J. Lo steals forward pass. Levant Lee Salif Sane and Bruma broke into the penalty area, resulting in Bromma own goal and Bayern Schalke 1-0 in the 14th minute, Boa Teng chose the left side of the penalty area, Coleman forward pass. Alabama along the cross pass near the baseline, Fellman quickly fell to the ground, first confiscated the ball. The first 18 minutes, Boateng directly behind the field, J · Luo also in straight sets defense. Wagner Bridgend single-handedly into the restricted area, low shot is blocked Fellman. After a child, the two sides battle to 25 minutes, Nabil Ben Talai Bu steals in the backcourt, McKinney straight, Qutub Shu quickly followed suit and broke into the penalty area, Bayern 1-1 win over Schalke 26 minutes, the former steals, passed J. Lo, J. Lo direct the ball, did not stop. Wanle single-handedly came to the restricted area, easy to break. Bayern Munich 2-1 Schalke! Wanle Allianz Arena 100th ballIn the first 30 minutes, Levante ball from the right break, and handed out the ball near the top of the key. Luo left foot shot was saved. Then J. Lo ball corner kick, the ball high top. 32 minutes, left Aoqipuka any previous field ball to the rear of the box, and vigorously header McKinney, Tiago goal line is almost broken. The first 35 minutes, Qutub Zhu fast attack, the ball on the left side, cut into the restricted area Kono Puri Yucca, near the corner low shot, saved by Ulrich Reich. 37 minutes, Tiago scores. Coleman step two steps to the top of the arc, and then a long shots hit the door. Unfortunately, the ball too much force, but also over the bar. The first 45 minutes, J. Lo free kick on the left front of the goal directly hit the ball great shot, went straight to the near corner, but the ball slightly above the crossbar. During the break, Bayern Munich a 2-1 victory over Schalke temporarily. Bian and beat up. In 46 minutes, the area straight Jinmi Che, Ge Leika followed by a small angle hit the side net. In the first 53 minutes, McKinney fast break play up front left side of the penalty area. Kenuo Pu-liang card adjusted his low shot was saved out of Ur Reich. Followed by McKenzie from close range hit back, hit the post, Boateng rapid rescue. Then kicked the back corner, Bruma high jump, header. After hitting the goal post, the ball was saved by Ulrich Reich. The first 57 minutes, Koeman penalty area from the left continuous breakthrough. Wanle the ball stopped, barbed shot directly into the assists. Bridget Wagner lead, to expand the score. Schalke 3-1 Bayern Bayern players decline slowed physical game frequency, the scene is a bit boring. The first 68 minutes, Salif Sane direct the ball to the front court, but too much power, E Lite can not catch. In Whampoa Two minutes later, a long time in Cali a few steps to the right, long-range kick, hit the aircraft. The first 72 minutes, swept through the door from the left Alabama, but J · Luo misses the target. A minute later, pass in the left, near the top of the arc J. Lo unselfishly passed the ball to Levante, who shot wide. In the first 76 minutes, Salif Sane made a puzzling mistake, he stopped the ball, Levine stole the ball, and adjusted for two seconds before the shooting. Unfortunately, he was a defender siege. The first 83 minutes, Bayern rapid counter-attack, Ge Leika no great shot selection, but great shot, making the score becomes high. The first 87 minutes,Ribery on the left Alabama with the ball to the penalty area, but failed to follow up Bridget Wagner to form a shot. Ultimately, Bayern Munich beat Schalke to 043-1. Yellow Information: 34 9-lewandowski 45 18-caliguiuri 85 27-bruma both aligned: starting Bayern: 26- Ridge Ur, 5-Myers Xu, 17 Boateng, Ala 27- bar, 32- Jin Miqie, 6- Tiago, Ge Leika 18-, 11- Lo (788- Martinez), Coleman 29- (Franck 687-), no replacement 22 : 36- Frew Chet, 4 Juhl, 13 Rafinha, Schalke 25 starting Muller: Felman 1-, 2- McKenney, Zelda 8- (5425 – A Lite), 10 Nabil Ben Talai Bu, 11 科诺普亚卡, 13 Rudy (336- Karel Maas), 15 libraries Tuju (esp 737- special), 18 no alternatives: 34- Lange, 3-door Dudley, 5 Tower. Milicic, 14 horses Tondo [this post by a 807,820,015 in at 12:55 on February 10, 2019 last edit]

Australian fitness goddess shows her buttocks and breasts

Emily Hill is one of Australias most famous female fitness instructor. She is also the darling of Australias major fashion magazines. She has on a social network of millions of fans, known as Australias otaku goddess; lets look at Emily usual workout Photo: Australian fitness goddess hips and chest show the United States (1/12) Australian fitness goddess show buttocks and chest US (2/12) Australian fitness goddess hips and chest show the United States (3/12) Australian fitness goddess hips and chest show the United States (4/12) Australian fitness goddess hips and chest show the United States (5/12) fitness Australia goddess show hips and chest US (6/12) Australian fitness goddess hips and chest show the United States (7/12) Australian fitness goddess hips and chest show the United States (8/12) Australian fitness goddess hips and chest show the United States (9/12) Australian fitness goddess hips and chest show the US (10/12) show Australian fitness goddess hips and chest US (11/12) Australian fitness goddess show with beautiful breasts and buttocks (12/12). She really likes this girl, sexy and fat hips, big breasts and a thin face. I do not know how to practice and tell the truth. This woman just in general. Compared with my coach, thats it. Not very awkward. ….

The first 36 Premier League Manchester United and Leicester City

Please do not disclose the scores and results of the game! Channel: New Vision HD channels Language: Mandarin interpretation: Packaging: MKV Video: x264,1280×720,25fps, 4000kbps Audio: AC3,6 channel, half of 384 Kbps, 48 ​​kHz ago: Thunder offline / s / 1dFufBFz password: second half s6ez: Thunder offline password: nh38 like the only British team so fell. I can not say that the old paradigm is not good, let alone the old Fan not good enough. I can only say that the old paradigm of the second child is not suitable for the great Manchester United. When selecting Manchester United coach Klopp is the best candidate. Why did they choose Moyers? Following the old Fan child, he truly eternal injustice

Telegraph- Premier League give full consideration to prevent the acquisition of Saudi consortium Newcastle

“Daily Telegraph” reported that the June 5, give full consideration to the Premier League after being injured reporters Kazu Jis widow Hattis Cen Geez request; & mdash stop Saudi consortiums acquisition of Newcastle. According to reports, the Premier League chief executive Richard Masters lawyer wrote to Hattis-Sen Jizi, and expressed his sympathy for the position of another customer. This is the Premier League for the first time admitted that they were investigating allegations of murder and human rights violations, which is part of the test for Newcastle acquisitions. Hattis · Senji Zis lawyers hope to meet with Premier League chief executive as soon as possible, but Masters refused the request. According to the contents of the letter, Kennedy Geez lawyers Dixon and Masters said: According to the existing conditions, the rule apparently does not permit the Saudi Public Investment Fund Foundation and the acquisition of Newcastle. &. Masters replied: Of course, I still sympathize with your clients position, but I can not provide more details on the matter. Our program is strictly confidential. &. & Ldquo Therefore, it is impossible to hold talks, especially in view of the media appeared confidential letter on this matter. However, I assure you and your customers that her statement in our (discussion) process has been fully taken into account. &. Related reading: the widow of the victim, reporter Kachouqi said, and asked the Premier League to stop the acquisition of Newcastle

World Championship defending the three-meter diving dream team Xie Sizhen get tenth gold medals

Association with love Beijing the evening of July 18, 2019 FINA World Championships in Gwangju, Korea ended the mens three-meter springboard finals. Britains Jack Musharraf received a 30-point advantage in the first five rounds of the competition, but the last hop 207C (three weeks a half turned back, knee) made a big mistake. Chinas two generals Xiesi Zhen and Cao Ying Yuan jumped at the chance, the last hop 109C (forward turned a four and a half somersault week and knee) played. Xie Sizhen to 545.45 points to win, Cao far to 517.85 points runner-up, Musharraf was third with 504.55 points. Chinese players won the championship in seven consecutive World Championships, Xie Sisi individuals also won two consecutive championships. The first hop 5154B (two forward and two curved half-rings) and the Four Books Xie first hop CaoYing element 407C (inward tuck and three half-rings) have got 81.60 points, ranked fourth after the first round , while Britains Lavr jumped 88.40 points, ranking first. In the second jump, Cao Ying Yuan 5337D (reflexive three weeks a half somersault) is completed with honors, got 92.75 points! 5353B Xie Four Books of (two half-rings and two semi-circles and curved) good run, got 84.15 points. After two rounds, Lavr continue to 177.65 points to finish first, his second jump 307 has also been 89.25 points. Cao Ying Yuan to 174.35 points to finish second, Sheth to record 165.75 points to finish third. In the third round, in the first place Lavr scored 88.40 points 407C, 307C and CaoYing element (somersault half weeks) had 84.00 minutes. Xie Sizhen third jump is 207C (backward somersault half weeks), this is a perfect jump, Xie Sizhen scored 97.20 points. After the third round, 266.05 Lavr points continue to be ranked first, second ranked Xiesi Xi points to 262.95, 258.35 to CaoYing membered points ranked third. Musharraf is the fourth jump 5156B, the difficulty of 3.9 (two and a half turn forward, bending three times). The jump completely conquered the referee, he scored 105.30 points! Cao Ying Yuan scored 95.40 points 207C, 307C Xiesi Zhens got 89.25 points. After the fourth round, Musharraf to 371.35 points to finish first, Cao Ying Yuan Xie Sizhen and again substitutions, Cao Ying yuan to 353.75 points to finish second, Xie Sizhen to 352.20 points to finish third.Laval today in excellent condition, with 109 points 102.60 seconds ahead in the fifth jump! CaoYing element 5154B (two forward and two curved half-rings) to give 74.80 points, Sheth invasive 407B (three semi-curved inwardly) in the fifth jump 90.65 points, at the end of the fifth wheel Ralph to 473.95 minutes lead. Xie four books to 442.85 points to finish second, Cao Ying yuan to 428.55 points to finish third. In the final round, Lavr action is 207 degrees Celsius. In the semifinals, he had made a big mistake, do not get 40 points. Surprisingly, Lavr made a bigger mistake in the final, only got 30.60 points. Your chance! At the end of the sixth jump, the two Chinese players are 109 degrees of difficulty of 3.8 (4.5 weeks roll forward and tuck). The first player Cao Ying Yuan to 89.30 points and 517.85 points score jumped out. Chinese team this time locking the championship! Xie final appearance of four books with unremitting efforts. He jumped out of a record 102.60 points with a total of 545.45 points score, won the last championship. Cao Ying Yuan to 517.85 points runner-up. Jack Musharraf to send a large gift. Chinese athletes strong psychological quality, performance and stability. Sheth Chu has a clean action, beautiful water and flowers, is a very comprehensive and promising athletes. He did not think would last hop reversal of 30 points. However, next years Olympic Games is a powerful enemy, so he can not be careless

Official statement – Premiership, Championship and other leagues canceled handshake

Beijing on March 6 in the morning, the Premier League officially announced, in order to prevent the spread of the handshake between the new coronavirus, players and referees to start lifting from this week. two teams of players and referees will line up for admission, but when they passed each other will not shake hands, the rest of the admission procedure will remain unchanged. Subsequently, the British Football League (EFL) has officially announced that starting this weekend, the British crown, armor, players and referees before the start of the second division handshake will be canceled. According to reports, English learners made the decision that preventive measures doctors advice. At the same time, EFL also said they will conduct regular dialogue with the government, and to assess the likely impact of the epidemic on the club and the game. Recently, novel coronavirus raging around the world, Italy is one of Europes worst affected countries, including many sporting events, including the Serie A have been postponed. In addition, the Italian government also announced that Chinas all sporting events will be held at 0+ games. Currently, Premier League and FA Cup are not postponed because of the outbreak or empty game. Advertising reprint authorization

Premier League postponed again, a number of Reds fans can not wait for the _1

Last night, the Football Association has announced that all the professional game in England, including the Premier League, will be suspended, at least until April 30 this means that there is no chance to break Liverpools Premier League title a record but from another point of view of the latest Liverpool could win the championship this may be a latecomer unbreakable “record” of course, also has the most advanced rounds, however, provided that this season can play successfully the first championship of the Premier League continue to wait for some Reds fans can not wait for them all to go there to pass information official: “declared champion, hurry up!” “there are six points can win God” damn championship to us, no one can catch up with us this season!! ! There are also many Reds fans to keep a cool attitude: “Good things are worth waiting for, do not worry about friends.” Make sure that at least our players safe and healthy! . “Nothing, safety first.” Theres nothing like living the same as Klopp said: “If you want to choose between football and the interests of society as a whole, so between them there is no real competition in football It is not important & # 8212;. outbreak, the league stopped when all walks of life are calling Real Madrid striker to stay at home in violation of quarantine regulations Yue Weiqi named Serbian President warned to get the club after approval, Yue Weiqi returned to Serbia but he did not stay at home, and went out without permission it is also a violation of local regulations reportedly isolation, he is celebrating his girlfriends birthday, however, he denied himself Yue Weiqi this Serbian President said, “If Yue Weiqi left the apartment again, then he would be arrested we let him know that peoples lives and safety of millions of important than his wealth. ? & # 8212; the seventh day five league suspended toilet paper challenge continues barber boss Mei back fresh young Inzaghi is still so fashionable soThe question is who said Jiuye not play Carragher: “I suspect youve tried many times but there is no evidence In addition you want Dengbei Le & # 8212; the day without competition side Shaw. must continue to be tested is estimated that a small partner to ask anchor? there may leave it impossible to live there last nights holiday has already begun in other areas these two games will be held tonight welcome Watch and talk to & # 8212;

Cavaliers NBA playoffs Eastern Conference finals in straight sets James

3:30 tomorrow morning. Eastern Conference finals started! Since coming back, James, the Cavaliers have entered the eastern part of the final for several years. In the East, James won the world. Before the Heat, Wade and James are good friends. They defeated James in Cleveland and immediately became the most powerful champion contender. Although the first year he lost to the Mavericks, but the following year he won the championship. Later, I hold a grudge against the Spurs. I remember when the Spurs lost the game, it is clear that they will win at the last moment. Leonard free throws twice, gave Ray Allen three-point opportunities to tie the game. Duncan patted the floor is still vivid! However, the Spurs got their revenge in the second year, the final year of very classic. Spurs pass is too many, really did not temper the Miami Heat! Then the heat dissipated, rhinos ran away. James, go home. Back to the Cavaliers, Owen and partner. It also attracted Lok Fu. Continue to form the three modes. Therefore, James began a superstar group mode Alliance. Knight, this year is actually a tough year. First, Owen left the team, came to the Celtics. When Thomas came to the small Cavaliers, he is a general chemical reaction. Before the playoffs began, he told the Cavaliers and the Lakers traded. Wade returned to the Miami Heat. In the first round of the playoffs, the Cavaliers and James Walker played the deciding game, eventually won the deciding game at home, in the second round. In the second round, the Raptors have been living all these years in the shadow of James, the teams style of play is equal, destined to be defeated. A masterpiece says so. LeBron James in the side, regardless of the Raptors played much better in the regular season, once they met James in the playoffs, everything will be ruined. Lowry and DeMar · los praise really pathetic! Cavaliers in the second semi-final 4-0 victory over the Raptors. Yesterday, the Raptors team coach Casey was fired. I do not know how much of the eastern part of the coach because James was fired. I have no idea. East teams too little. I think the Celtics and the Cavaliers can compete. If the next 76 personal trading Leonard, that is another matter. But James is old rival Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals, from Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. Today, Owen, Horford and Hayward are the Celtics Big Three. But now Owen Hayward and costs can be reimbursed up this season. Horford is the only remaining people. But the Green Armys tenacity has been reflected, Jay Brown, Tatum. Rosier playoff performance is getting better, his confidence is growing. So I think its a very small gap between the Eastern Conference finals. It is possible to play seven games, so well see!